Entropía arquitectura is an architecture, design and urbanism office located in El Vendrell that was born in 2004 with Judit Garcia and Edgar Miró, both architects licensed by the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona.

Throughout these years we have carried out major works with different characteristics that have allowed us to expand our experience in various fields and grow as architects.

Our vision is the sum of a functional vision and a constructive vision.

We analyze the initial needs and intentions that the client puts forward until we manage to materialize them in the spaces we propose, following criteria of sustainability and energy efficiency.

We like to explore and master the technical and constructive part, the bulk of the work, but also pamper the detail, advise on materials, textures, colors. .

We are enthusiastic about architecture and interior design, we enjoy our work a lot, and we always try to convey that enthusiasm to our clients.

Our intention is to accompany you throughout the architectural process, from the conception of the project to the completion of the construction, to help you clear up doubts and decide on the most suitable options for your needs.

You will find in us a very close relationship and a guide to make what you imagine come true.


We work as a team that complements each other by showing different points of view. We add a functional, constructive, aesthetic, sustainable, efficient look that seeks harmony with the environment.
Our joint work during the project process and later during the construction process is the guarantee that the work is executed obtaining the required quality levels.


Edgar Miró, arquitecte

Broad vision in the design of spaces. With a great deal of experience in dealing with and managing construction works, he enjoys solving the doubts that may arise, facilitating solutions to achieve the desired objective with the required construction quality.


Judit Garcia Pujol, arquitecta

High capacity to understand the client’s needs and desires and transfer them to an architectural project that makes them come true. In the work, he is demanding in the care and quality of the materials to be used and their execution.