At entropia arquitectura we design the project, direct and supervise the works on your house tailored to your needs and way of life.

From the beginning we will maintain a continuous dialogue to develop the space that best suits you and where you feel comfortable. Our goal is to get the house you want

Reform and rehabilitation


Whether it is the renovation of a small space or that of an entire house, at entropia arquitectura we value the different possibilities offered by the space to be renovated, adapting it to the new needs and conserving and revaluing those existing details of interest.

After the appropriate analysis, we will draw up the relevant project and conclude with the supervision and direction of the works.



Both for a group of homes or multi-family housing buildings, once the initial requirements have been assessed, we design the residential building in such a way that it meets the developer’s expectations -technical, aesthetic and economic-, advising on the typologies of housing more suitable according to the end user to whom they are intended.

Turnkey project

If you don’t want to have to worry about the works, we will take care of all the work, from the beginning of the project to the end with the delivery of the finished work.

Meetings and contacts with the builder, with industrialists and installers, visits and selection of materials, coverings, floors… if you find it a cumbersome, boring job or you simply prefer to devote your time to other things, we can take care of it all the aspects of the work and its management. We will keep you informed of the different steps as often as you wish.

Certificate of Habitability and Energy Efficiency Certificate

We draw up and process certificates for obtaining the Certificate of Habitability, as well as for obtaining the Energy Efficiency Certificate.

We offer the complete service, which starts with the visit of the property to be certified, and ends with the delivery of the official document issued by the Catalan Housing Agency and the Catalan Energy Institute.

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Interior design

Interior design can be found in any area, large or modest, and good interior design does not depend on scale.

In any area – retail, housing, etc. – we enter into the architecture of the detail, with an action at the appropriate scale we give the different spaces the image they need.

The interior design that we will develop at entropia arquitectura, can be linked to a new work or reform project that we are drafting at the same time, or be a completely independent work.

Informes i peritatges

A entropia arquitectura redactem informes sobre l’estat de qualsevol tipus d’edifici, habitatge o local, enumerant i descrivint les seves possibles patologies –útil, per exemple, com a informació prèvia a la compra d’un edifici o habitatge-, ja sigui per tenir-ne un coneixement particular o per tramitacions judicials (informe pericial).


Often, when opening a new business or updating it, it is necessary to condition the premises where it is established. The conditioning can lead from the renovation or realization of the facilities to the design of the entire space, including a reform project and works or not, depending on the case.

We take care of it partially or fully according to your needs, advising you at all times on the procedures you need.


As the most important feature, we reinforce functionality without neglecting that a public building is always a reference wherever it is located, a landmark that should help tidy up the environment, whether the building is new construction or it is a rehabilitation. We think of schools, medical centers, sports centers, theaters, museums, etc.

We will take into account the use and functionality for the correct design of the spaces, the removal of architectural barriers, energy efficiency and all those aspects and characteristics necessary to achieve a comfortable and pleasant building that is also easy to maintain.