The owners of this house, in love with this quiet location near the beach, wanted a practical and comfortable house, with tight dimensions, well lit, with pleasant views and strong privacy. They also wanted to enjoy the sea views, if possible, from a solarium that they could also enjoy with privacy and even be able to install a jacuzzi. Also, there was a garage with a single parking space.

Casa Francas

Analysis: dimensions of the plot, orientations and sunlight, views, functional program ... We propose a house on two floors, with the entire day area on the ground floor and the entire night area (bedrooms) on the ground floor first. The program is simple, straightforward, but the placement inside the lot, the design of the volumes and the interior distribution would give it the qualities that were asked of us.

The house is introverted with respect to the street, from where the accesses and the friendly entrance are noticed, with a porch that protects us from the rain and a beautiful natural wooden door.

Instead, it opens to the south and west, coinciding with the midday and afternoon sun and more private areas within the plot. The dining room is a single space but with different areas, and each of these areas enjoys views and access to the garden, which has been designed in particular taking into account the interior-exterior relationship of the interior spaces that are directly related. Thus, the room area is all open to the south, it goes directly to the porch terrace, and the dining room has a wide opening, really a glass balcony-window that connects it to the greenest area of the garden, as if eating or dine outside.

Casa Francas

The kitchen is directly related to the dining room through a sliding double-leaf door and, at the same time, at the other end it has access to the south terrace.

The volumes and distribution have been formalized so that each room on the ground floor has its external correspondence with its own environment.

The bedrooms on the first floor are also arranged to the south, overlooking the garden.

The north strip of the house, as a less favorable orientation, is reserved for the service and communication spaces, the communication staircase, distribution spaces and the bathrooms are arranged.

Casa Francas

And for the same reason, the North strip has been reserved for the garage, which will need different thermal and use qualities than the house. The garage is set out in an annexed volume that is removed enough from the facade to allow the parking of a second vehicle in front, outside, but inside the plot. The same volume has a service floor (laundry and warehouse) that pours into the west façade, with an exterior space provided for a clothesline, hidden from the views. Housing and garage are communicated by an internal door.

Views play a very important role in this project. Both views from outside to inside, views from inside to outside, as well as the interior spaces with each other. And therefore special care has been taken from any point.

The cover of the garage volume is treated with a white stone finish and afterwards the owners will have vegetation in large pots. You will be able to go out on this deck for the maintenance of this vegetation. The opening gives lighting to a distribution area that will perform the studio functions. The house has a single, short hallway, on the first floor, which is complemented by this open study, so we obtain a new useful space with wardrobes.

Casa Francas Casa Francas

The internal staircase continues to the solarium deck. The last flight of the staircase is exterior, complying with the regulatory height of the regulations and avoiding the construction of a skylight that would soil the aesthetic balance of the building's volumes. From the solarium you can enjoy views of the sea.

The construction system of the house is made of load-bearing walls with a SATE façade and sections of ventilated façade, with a porch and solar protections where they are most necessary, so the house will be efficient and with little thermal expenditure.

Site: Cambrils

Client: private

Project: 2016

Construction: 2017 –

Constructed area: 207 m2