House of 3 floors at El Vendrell

The challenge of this project was to get a house that, due to urban planning requirements, should start on the first floor, which should have a distribution on different floors with a small built surface each, and yet not be understood as a floor but as a house.

The regulatory restrictions also oblige floor dimensions of maximum 66m2 (5.50 x 12m) and build according to the type attached to the existing neighboring house. Since our home is a corner lot, this typology creates a front home.

estat actual habitatge testera Vendrell

In the area where this house is located, on the ground floor only the garage and auxiliary uses of the house are allowed, that is, it is not allowed to locate the dining room, the living room, the kitchen, or any bedroom . In this way, although the plot has enough outside space, we could not relate to the same level from any floor of the house.

The determining factors suggested a narrow, elongated, tall building without much architectural identity.

Casa en filera de 3 plantes Casa en filera de 3 plantes

The study of the maximum use in plan of both the building and the outdoor spaces, led us to place the staircase in a central position, touching the party wall and to consider the one-legged one.


Taking advantage of the fact that the lot is on the corner, we decided to separate the vehicle and pedestrian accesses, each one along a street. So we placed the garage to the North (the most unfavorable solar orientation), displacing the garage door at the end, so that we had enough free space to be able to locate a car outside but within the plot. Thus we distinguished a clear use, that of parking, at the least favored end, leaving the rest of the plot, which on the other hand enjoys better sunlight, free and usable.

plantes habitatge testera Vendrell

Pedestrian access occurs almost through the center of the plot in a longitudinal direction, in a wide passage to the entrance of the building, leaving on both sides landscaping that can have different uses.

plantes habitatge testera Vendrell

A wide hall was designed, with a spacious wardrobe to leave, if necessary, the coats, the wheelbarrow, the umbrellas ... it had to be a hall, because it favored the feeling of entering the house, and the house really starts to ground floor.

.... And once in the hall we can choose to go to the garage, climb the stairs to the rest of the house or enter an auxiliary room that has a fireplace and a wall of cabinets that hides the appliances for laundry . This room will have different uses according to the needs of the owners at all times, while reinforcing the exterior use of the terrace that is located just in front, to the south.

The staircase leads us to the first floor where, to guarantee better thermal conditions, we will find a door that opens us to a unique space, kitchen - living room - dining room, very sunny and without spending on corridors. A bathroom and a small office are reserved at the north end of the floor.

plantes habitatge testera Vendrell

Participating in the unique space, another scale, over the previous one, will lead us to the bedroom floor.

The bedroom where there will be more life will be the children's one, you will sleep, study, play ..., and therefore it is located in the best area of the house, with lots of light and generous dimensions. The regulation requires solar panels to heat the water that will be used for the shower, and also requires a sloping cover. The proposed proposal has allowed us to place the plates in the best solar orientation, on the roof but not visible from the street, also achieving an area under cover for maintenance and facilities.

Casa en filera de 3 plantes Casa en filera de 3 plantes

At the request of the property, the building had to be constructed following bioconstruction criteria and using thermoclay in its facade cladding.

Thermoclay blocks are lightweight and low-density ceramic blocks because they have a significant percentage of perforations, which gives them better thermal and acoustic properties than conventional ceramic.

plantes habitatge testera Vendrell

It is a material that supposes a certain difficulty of use given that in order to take advantage of its qualities to follow very strict placement criteria that, among others, require modulating the facade in width, height and size of openings, in addition to using various special pieces.

The ground floor, which does not require demanding thermal benefits, has been resolved with the closure of a single sheet of thermoclay, the rest of the building is resolved with SATE (Exterior Thermal Insulation System), using a thermoclay block for Interior structural sheet and black cork insulation covering the facade. The final coating is natural lime mortar.

SATE -  habitatge testera Vendrell

Site: El Vendrell

Client: private

Project: 2016

Construction: 2017 –

Constructed area: 199 m2